FAIKA! S2:E12 – Nani Wilson and Epenesa Taylor-Togiai

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WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH!!  The Faika podcast welcomes powerful Pacific Islander role models Nani Wilson and Epenesa “Ipo” Taylor-Togiai.  Nani is a fixture in social programs and efforts to uplift the Asian / Pacific Islander communities in the Bay Area and beyond. She is a true renaissance women and a positive pacific islander that has worked on issues ranging from wellness, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and programs designed to promote the discussion of taboo topics that many people shy away from.

Ipo dedicates her time and energy to shaping the minds of our next generation as a Pre-K teacher at Leola Harvard School in the Bayview district in San Francisco. A fiery disposition and quick witted on-the-edge-humor are trademarks of Ipo’s and these attributes have put her behind the microphone at several different events as a comic and the routines brought the house down.

Tune in from 10:00 am to 12:00 Noon on FCCFREERADIO.COM in the LEGENDARY Studio 2B.  Tune in live by downloading the “TuneIn” app and searching “fccfreeradio” or catch the show after by downloading it from the FCCFREE website.  We will also be posting a link to the show page on the PolyByDesign Facebook page when it become available.


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