FAIKA! S2:E13 – Manufou Liaiga Anoa’i

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MANUFOU ANOA’I IN THE STUDIO THIS SUNDAY!!!  Come listen to the strong Pacific Islander woman who is doing SO much to make our community better.  “Fou” has touched all levels of the community in her efforts to further her people and gender.  From her role as a child educator and administrator to her key support to wellness programs and the advancement of women, Fou has relentlessly and tirelessly devoted time, love and endless energy in her journey of giving.

The Faika Podcast is brought to you by PolyByDesign.  We broadcast from FCCFREERADIO.COM in the ICONIC Studio 2B ever Sunday from 10:00 am to 12:00 Noon.  Listen to us live by downloading the “TuneIn” app and searching “fccfree” during the show OR download us after the show finishes airing on FCCFREERADIO.COMPolyByDesign will post a link to the show on the PolyByDesign Facebook page after it is available.

Other topics that will be discussed will be the student walk out protests over gun control, a man who was falsely imprisoned for 23 years and walked out with no money to start his future, President Trump’s sexual history and The March Madness NCAA Basketball Tournament.

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