FAIKA! S2:E2 – Tuanigamanuolepola Tagovailoa

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True Freshman Tua Tagovailoa got the call at halftime of the National Championship College Football game to take over a game that his Alabama Crimson Tide trailed 13-0.  Tua took the reigns of an offense that had only 94 yards compared to Georgia’s 223.  Alabama had only 21 passing yards and had converted 1 out of 6 third-down opportunities.  It was a sputtering machine that most importantly, had managed ZERO points.  Tua’s stats the rest of the way were 14 completions in 24 pass attempts for 166 yards and three touchdowns.  The final touchdown was an etch-your-name-into-history-walk-off-41-yard frozen rope strike to another true Freshman Devonta Smith rocketing down the left sidelines to win the game on it’s final play.  The throw was mechanically pure on Tua’s part.  The patience, composure in the moment and the maturity to calmly look off the safeties to the right side of the field and then fire away to the streaking Smith on the left side of the field was a field savvy seen in very few athletes his age in world stage moments like that.  We will talk about Tua, his family and his future.

Positive Pacific Islander Role Models (and previous in-studio guests with the Faika Podcast) Phil Alapati and Soma Sam La’a will call in and give their views of the fallout of Tua’s performance in the Samoan community.  There were some “@U” moments on social media in the Samoan online world following Tua’s phenomenal play on the field.

Later this month will be the 239th anniversary of Captain Cook and the HMS Resolution anchoring off the Waimea village in Kaua’i Hawaii.  We will walk through what that meant to the Pacific Islands at that time and up to and through today.


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