FAIKA! S2:E30 – Chop It Up!

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Nackie and Carl look back on The Week That Was so many things.  The list is long of the subjects that the Faika hosts will cover between 10:00 and 12:00 Noon in the Flagship Studio 1A on FCCFREERADIO.COM.

“LIVE AND DIRECT” is now from heaven.  We will talk about the epic three day celebration of positive Pacific Islander role model Taupolo ‘JayTee’ Mauia III’s life and times.  It was a true celebration that included so many moving parts that the discussion will take up much of the first hour.

Camp Unity’s Luau took place on Saturday the 21st and the PolyByDesign team was there to document that positivity and the culture that is promoted by this summer program for our youth.  Samoan Community Development Center‘s Pacific Islander Youth Assocation (PIYA) held their summer culmination program on July 20th and PBD was there as well to shine the light on the beautiful and positive things that our people are doing.  Le Moana the dance company took place in San Francisco this week.  PolyByDesign was once again in attendance and got THE interview.

Trump, Drugs, Sex, Crime, and gossip………..you know we can’t help ourselves from tossing in the spice from now and then.  Download the FCCFREERADIO app to listen on your mobile device OR go to FCCFREERADIO.COM‘s home page and click on the “Listen Live 1A” button during the live show OR wait for PolyByDesign to post the link to the show after 1:00 PM.  On the app, on the web, or on the DL (download)……..

Come Faika with us!

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