Faika! S2:E40 – Singing Sua-Mailealo Family

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The Youtube Sensation “Sua-Mailealo” family is IN the Faika studio on 10/7!  Tune in and hear the family’s story that led them to internet fame in the past few years.  The family will be coming off of a live performance at the Empress theater in Vallejo California on the evening of the 6th.  We are so excited to get an interview with a family that is doing something that they love AS A FAMILY.

The Faika podcast is renewing it’s mission to bring you the world’s positive Pacific Islander role models.  The Sua family embodies PolyByDesign’s mission statement to profile and promote those that pursue their hearts passion.

Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation circus, and “Gender Reveal” celebrations gone wild are a couple of the contemporary topics that the Faika podcast will tackle on Sunday.

Tune in at FCCFREERADIO.COM to listen live.  Click on the “Listen Live 1A” button on the top right hand side of their front page or download the FCCFREERADIO app.  We are also on iTunes.  Simply search ‘fccfreeradio’ and then scroll down to “Faika” to listen to it after 1:30 PM.  Live or on the Download, come Faika with us.

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