FAIKA! S2:E44 – Samoan Solutions

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TURKEY TROT 2018!!  The organization that brought us “Fagogo O Samoa” this past summer and The Gift of Education; Lumina’i Scholarship” is gearing up for what has quickly become a Bay Area Pacific Islander classic event, the Turkey Trot.  Tune in and learn from Samoan Solutions founder Epi Aumavae what it is all about and when and where to show up!

“Blue Wave”, “The caravan invasion”, and a host of other topics are top of mind as we are days away from the 2018 Mid-Term elections.  What can they mean for Pacific Islanders?  What direction could the country be taking?  Get the usual non-conventional viewpoints from the Faika podcast hosts.

TO LISTEN LIVE:  Go to FCCFREERADIO.COM’s front page and click on the “Listen Live 1A” button at the top right hand side of the page.  TO DOWNLOAD AFTER THE SHOW:  Look for the PolyByDesign Facebook page to post a link to the show page after 1:30 or download the FCCFREERADIO app.  Either way, COME FAIKA WITH US!

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