Faika – Season 1: Episode 2 (Kay and Annie)

PolyByDesign Presents: The Faika Podcast

Brought to you by PolyByDesign the Sunday 10/8/17 Faika Podcast in Studio 2B from 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon follows up it’s HUGE premiere episode last week with “All My Usos” with more hard hitting topics near and dear to the heart of the Polynesian Community.

We will be talking about the mass shooting that occurred in Las Vegas and the fallout both at the community level and the political level. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and loved ones of those we were senselessly killed and we hope common ground can be found politically rather than further a battleground.

There is formalized process of giving in the Polynesian community.  Samoans call it FA’ALAVELAVE.  Tongans call it KAVENGA, etc.  How is this formal process viewed today by the younger generation?  How does it affect the family financially?  Are members of the community looked down upon if they do not participate?  We will be putting this topic SQUARELY on the table and welcome participation from listeners and our family on social media.  We will be joined in studio by Akesa “Kay” Po’oi Fakava and Annie Uperesa Amituana’i Kay will detail the Kavenga from the Tongan perspective and Annie will bring the Samoan perspective of the Fa’alavelave.

Last but not least we will be talking about the controversial Moana, You Ugly“.  This post caught FIRE on social media and the Pacific Islander response was HOT.  This topic was a late edition to the agenda but when it caught fire we knew it belonged on the Faika podcast.  Discussing this topic helps empower and raise awareness with our people.  It is part of the “JourneyToEmpowerment”

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