Fish Burps: Episode 12: 12 Confused Listeners


Episode 12 of Fish Burps finds Dan & Doug reuniting after almost a week of not speaking to one another. I realize that the phrase “not speaking to one another” implies disgruntlement or some sort of emotional ballyhoo between the two pals but nothing can be further from the truth. Although anyone who knows Dan & Doug knows that a week when they’re not speaking it’s usually cause they’re fighting. They’re both kinda bitchy.

Tonight the “men” talk about the absolute stupidity of 7/11 not serving pizza slices after 10pm, drug commercials, the erosion of the art of conversation, Chinese food in movies, the fact that no one can be taken seriously while eating pizza, Get UP Stand UP!, and hopefully Star Wars: Episode 7: The Force Awakens. Seriously, can we just spend some time talking about Episode 7? I ask for so little and get so much less, can we just talk about Star Wars? I don’t mean for the entire show, although that would be totally fine, but come on, you cannot not be excited about the new Star Wars movie. Are you dead inside? Are you incapable of joy? Are you allergic to excitement and a grizzled Han Solo? Goddamnit, just 5-14 minutes of Star Wars talk is all I’m asking! What is wrong with you!?

Should be a fun show.


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