Fish Burps: Episode 13: Wendy Conditions

2015-11-12 20.30.10Fish Burps, Episode 13

Fish Burps welcomes not one but two members of Doug’s family on Episode 13. Can you handle that many people from the same bloodline? I think you can so stop doubting yourself. Seriously, it’s only holding you back. Anyway, Doug and his sister Wendy are in studio tonight. Wendy is in town for reasons unknown at this time but, man oh man, I’m sure they’re pretty interesting!

Dan & Doug discuss paying for things in change, changing how we pay for things, things that need to change, changing things like soiled diapers, flat tires, and attitudes towards double-sided tape. Doug says he has between 11 and 13 topics to discuss this evening while Dan says why doesn’t Doug just say 12 and stop being so non-committal.

Also, ISIS is not representative of all Muslims but they’re very bad advertising for the religion as a whole. If you’re the manufacturer of a product and the product is routinely used as a reason for obscene levels of violence, cruelty on a pathological scale and sub-human behavior perhaps the product is flawed. Religions should come with a warning label. Treat religion like how you might if you were a fork-lift driver on medication: Do not attempt to operate heavy behavioral machinery if you are on theological opiates.

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