Fish Burps: Episode 14: Questhuns (my keyboard just bit it’s tongue a little)

Silver CarsFish Burps episode 14 is up and ready to party! No it’s not. Episode 14 actually enjoys a nice cup of tea and reading the PennySaver out loud to telemarketers. But Episode 14 so wants  you to like it that Episode 14 is willing to experiment to see if that will convince you that it’s worth your time. Just give Episode 14 a chance, won’t you!?

Episode 14 is sorry it yelled. You don’t deserve that. You deserve better. Much, much better. In fact, Episode 14 is going to leave you alone. Episode 14 has some thinking to do; deep, soulful, emotional investigation to take on.

Tonight, Doug & Dan will try to remain friends throughout the entire show. That, really, is the only focus this evening. Doug has some things to discuss and so does Dan. Doug is sick so that will kill some time. And the boys introduce a new segment tonight called “Creative Segment Name.” So that will happen. How are you lately? How’s that rash?

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