Fish Burps: Episode 16: We’re 16 now! We want a car! And respect! But mainly a car.

Holy Hell. Fish Burps 16Our 16th episode. Who would have thought we’d make it this far? Certainly not us. But here we are.

Tonight Doug & Dan have so much to discuss that to even try to describe it all in this section would do the conversations a disservice to a magnitude that would actually make the conversations quite angry at D&D. And Dan & Doug really don’t need that kind of heat right now. But since you’ve been so good, we’ll give you a little peek: Dan fulfilled a lifelong dream that he’s ashamed of still having, Doug is mad at beer, which is an actual first and at one time only thought of as a distant and impossible possibility. Ummm, what else…Dan trimmed a toenail today, uhh, Doug probably slept until 2:30pm or not at all. What else? Oh, yeah, now I remember. The boys will discuss women and how much harder they make things as well as asshole guys who work out for no reason and the women that are that reason. We’ll try to keep the misogyny and misandry at equal levels.

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