Fish Burps: Episode 17: We’re Almost Legal

Comedy Machine Oakland, 12-12-15

Fish Burps Episode 17 is up and ready to go. Episode 17 woke up with a special feeling in its gut this morning. Adrenaline and anticipation, gratitude and positivity, all  mixed in with E17’s 3AM taco binge. Episode 17 has a very strange and all-consuming eating disorder.  What a magical time to be alive.

Tonight Dan & Doug talk about their respective weeks and the triumphs and tragedies therein. Dan wants to talk about happiness and how hard it is to attain. Doug wants to agree with Dan but will also disagree because that’s what Doug does. We are just a handful of days away from Star Wars Episode 7 and Dan is experiencing a level of excitement that probably is unhealthy for a guy who eats as much red meat as he does. Doug is getting a serious headache from rolling his eyes. The guys, and I think I know them well enough to call them ‘the guys’, also discuss what a sack of shit the NRA is, the hilarity, hope, and healing that would take place if a mass shooting were to take place at an NRA rally, burritos vs. sandwiches, waffles vs. pancakes and the incredible accuracy of Crystal Geyser as a name for a bottled water company. If history is any indication the show will include discussions about none of these topics but this is the plan as 7:29.

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