Fish Burps: Episode 20: Is there a Heaven? Is there a Hell? And can we all agree that only Dr. Pepper is served in Hell?

2016-01-17 19.43.22On tonight’s Fish Burps, the boys celebrate their 20th episode. And what is the proper guest for the 20th episode? Why, chatting with a reverend, of course. Did you not know that, dear reader? Well, no offense, but that’s on you. The witty and lovely Reverend James Christie drops by to discuss faith, how faith differs from religion, cults, how cults differ from religion (do they?) as well as his upcoming stand- up comedy benefit show at The Purple Onion, “Laughs for Africa”, which benefits his charity, The African Hope Network. Ironically, James is both heavenly and a hell of a guy. Dan & Doug discuss relationships and why they’re seemingly impossible and will probably seek the good reverend’s insight. Yesterday was Dan’s birthday, his 42nd consecutive one, oddly enough, so that may come up. Another thing that may come up is Doug’s insides as he is quite ill it seems. Plus, Victory Dance calls in and we all play 5 Questions.

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