Fish Burps : Episode 20: Viente

Fish Burps episode 20Fish Burps is back, baby! Actually, Fish Burps is back and front and side to side. Thanks, Eazy-E. Recent technological advancements now allow Fish Burps to be broadcast in mind-blowing 3 dimensions. This entire episode is in described in italics because it is THAT special. Dan has missed Doug and perhaps Doug has missed Dan but how can we ever really tell with someone as rascally as Doug? with Dan & Doug reunite for their 20th episode and they couldn’t be happier. That is emphatically untrue as they could be wildly more happy with themselves, each other, the world, the high price of donuts, the list goes on and on. But they are happy to be back together again for the first ever 20th episode of Fish Burps. The gents discuss Dan’s holiday trips to Arizona where he saw an actual beautiful midget and to Mexico where Dan fell in the love with the most graceful, jaw-droppingly gorgeous woman he had ever seen who turned out to be a pick-pocketing transvestite. As a result, Dan has some psycho-sexual issues to work through. Doug will catch us up on all the fascinating and most likely unnerving things that he went through and/or committed during Dan’s absence. The boys will discuss judging people by their covers, really poorly designed public restrooms, the all-American Oregon stand-off, and whatever the hell Doug has running through his brain. If Dan believed in religion he’d pray that the show goes well but since he doesn’t he won’t and that means that Doug & Dan will have to rely on each other for a good show. God help them and amen and blah X 3.

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