Fish Burps: Episode 21: Let’s Drink It All In

2016-02-07 19.28.58On tonight’s Fish Burps, the boys rejoice in their new digs. Brand new studio, brand new equipment, but don’t you go and expect Dan & Doug to be any better than they have been. If you do, you’re an idiot. BUT! If they do improve it will all be due to their funny, flagrant and fragrant guests, Noelle and Chris. Noelle & Chris are a married couple who happen to be very good, dear friends of each others. And they know Dan and Doug. They also happen to be very much in love with…Dan & Doug. Look, it’s a strange world out there AND in the studio. The sexual tension is palpable and should only be ingested if you have a cabinet full of Milk of Magnesia. Dan and Noelle have a very complicated relationship. They’ve known each other for years and year and are very good, committed, loyal friends. They challenge and frustrate each other to a maddening level. Dan’s friendship with Doug is both good training and a warning. Chris is funny and has a great beard for a blonde man. Hell, it’s a great beard for a blonde of any of the 7 diagnosable genders. Four people enter the studio. How many friendships will exit? Probably not many. Plus, so many questions. Good times!

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