Fish Burps: Episode 22: The Silly Motherfu**ers Pulled Off a Deuce Deuce

2016-02-14 19.46.26It’s Fish Burps episode 22 and holy crap, is this a show. What I mean is, “Holy crap. Is this a show?” The fun thing is, both statements are correct. It’s both a declarative statement as well as an interrogative one. So many facets to this show this week. Dan & Doug welcome Bay Area comic Kerim Harmanci to the show to discuss so many things. Seriously, if I began to tell you all of the things talked about on this episode, one of two things would happen: Either my fingers would become so worn out from all the typing required to list all of the topics discussed that my digits would be rendered useless or your head would metaphorically and literally explode right off your shoulders. And I wouldn’t even be able to help your roommates clean up all the headgore because of my exhausted fingers. Have you ever tried to mop up an exploded head with exhausted fingers? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Why don’t you just speak on matters about which you have some knowledge, okay? Anyway, the guys will talk about the election, what kind of dickhead Marco Rubio is, getting kidnapped and its positive effects, the irony that the Big Bang created life and The Big Bang Theory seems to be killing creativity. Plus, Dan has a stomach ache and Doug has every other ailment.

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