Fish Burps: Episode 23: Redness and Irritation Will Occur

Fish Burps 23 (6)Episode 23 is a heater, baby. But, listen baby, babies really shouldn’t listen to this show. It’s bad parenting, honestly. Even if you’re a baby who lives in an orphanage, and if that’s your situation, my sympathy for you is endless, but, really, don’t listen to this show. It’s inappropriate for kids. Yes, we talk about cartoons and poop, sometimes, and baby formula but still, baby, go stare at your fingers instead of listening to this show. I do that from time to time. It’s kinda fun actually.

This week’s guest is the lovely and talented Sara DeForest. Sara has been a co-host on Fish Burps twice with Doug but this is the first time that she has been in studio with both guys. Can she handle Dan and Doug at the same time?……That came out wrong. Dan will be the sole non-redhead in the studio on this episode. Will he be able to handle the hot and fiery dual temptresses that are Sara and Doug? Yeah, I think probably. This episode will delve into what it truly means to have red hair. How has that shaped these two people? Do they feel a social stigma because of their folical assignment? Is it a challenge or an advantage? Is it more difficult to be taken seriously as a red head? More difficult to be taken as a human being? To prom? Topics both interesting and not at all will be discussed.

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