Fish Burps: Episode 24: Just Us

2016-01-16 20.40.37On tonight’s episode of Fish Burps Dan & Doug discuss the importance of communication. And by communication I mean the employment of speaking specifically and taking responsibility for errors that are made based on one’s exquisitely poor communication skills. We all make errors when communicating with others. No one is innocent in this. Sometimes we communicate in confusing ways. The trick is to take responsibility for your miscommunication. It’s a busy time in which we live; so many things swirling all around us, so many great things on Netflix, so many puppies to pet and words to replace with emojis. Sometimes it’s because of laziness, ineptitude, or just plain good ‘ol fashion mom & pop style stupidity. This is frustrating. Why is it so hard to just say what you mean? Is that too tough a task to ask? If you want something done in a specific way, then specify the way in which you want it done. If I say, “Hey, Felix, go find a guy who’s wearing a scarf on a really hot day and pee on it” and my pal Felix goes and does it but he DOES IT TO ANOTHER GUY AND NOT THE ONE I MEANT then that is really my fault. I should have been more SPECIFIC about the guy whose scarf I wanted peed on. If I go to the store and ask if they have any meat and they bring me out a chicken cutlet I can’t really get all pissed and say, “I meant ham!” Did I mean ham? Probably I did. I almost always mean ham. But all I said was “meat”, a large category, which by most standards not including Burger King and Carl’s Jr, also includes ham but not specifically ham. And, Jesus Christ, Carl’s Jr. is so proud of their “All Natural Burger”. Oohh, way to go, Carl. You mean you’re finally making a product that isn’t filled with hormones and chemicals not even listed on the Periodic Chart of Elements? Being so proud of your “All Natural Burger” is like me being proud of not kicking a duck. Is there a Nobel Prize for Fast Food? How can we say that the world isn’t doomed? Right. We can’t. But it isn’t. Why? Specifically because of In-N-Out.
But back to the communication issue, for all of the progress we have made in the fields of science, cable alternatives,  racial equality (still a work in progress), and creating square watermelons we still have so far to go in speaking/communicating in a manner in which there is no confusion or ambivalence. Well, some of us do, anyway. Plus, Dan & Doug will talk about politics and what a fine communicator Donald Trump is. Say what you will about the human pustule on Satan’s gun rack/ball sack (yes, Satan’s testicles are both made of impressively high quality Agar gun racks) that is Donald Trump but there is no confusion in his message.

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