Fish Burps: Episode 25: A Quarter of a Dollar worth on Entertainment, Worth Almost Every Penny

2016-03-12 23.27.06Tonight’s episode of Fish Burps marks the 25th episode of Fish Burps. I apologize for such a repetitive, redundant sentence. Speaking of repetitive and redundant, Dan & Doug celebrate the 25th show with a very special guest, the one and only (or so he says) Chris Corrigan. Chris is one of the most likable and funny comics around, something which Dan aspires to but, alas, has yet to attain. Chris is high energy and effortlessly funny. We will talk about whether this picture to the upper left is one of greatest things ever or one of the worst. The guys will talk about what a class act Trump is and also some 2016-03-13 19.51.26other things that is both a mystery to you and us.

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