Fish Burps: Episode 3: The Gathering of Idiots. And Lyal

2013-03-08 13.40.48On this, the 3rd episode of Fish Burps, Doug and Dan Linley are back in studio 1A with a very special guest, Lyal Avery. Lyal is a good friend of Dan’s and soon to be a friend of Doug’s, whether either one of them like it not. Lyal is a man about town, a gallivant, an entrepreneur, a scalawag in the boardroom and an aardvark in the bedroom. Lyal has an ant fetish for which he is seeking counseling. Tonight’s show features topics including 2 piece swimsuits for kids (wrong), hiding McDonalds (right), and some other stuff, the correctness or incorrectness of which being unknown at this time. Also, Victor Dencetory will be calling in with his crap. Not crap in the fecal sense. Just, ya know…Vic is special to us. We’re also very excited to see what kind of pie Lyal brings in. I imagine something eclectic. It should be a great show. Will it be? Who knows at this point. But it should be.

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