Fish Burps: Episode 35: This Show is Now Old Enough to Run for President. Also, Alexandria Love is Pretty Neat.

Fish Burps 35 (1)This is it, ladies and, who are we kidding, no ladies listen to this show except for Sara. Sometimes. Anyway, this is the 35th episode of Fish Burps, which as Vic astutely pointed out, makes Fish Burps eligible to run for president of these here United States. Of America, I mean. Fish Burps’ campaign platform? No more having to straighten out floor rugs. A return to wholesome American values like childhood obesity and its correlation with how great McDonald’s is. Gasoline must power everything: cars, trucks, boats, ceiling fans, blenders, solar panels, just all of it! All sitcoms MUST be on CBS. No Deviation!! Shit, I lost the narrative. Anyway, happy 35th to Fish Burps.

Tonight Fish Burps welcomes the hilarious and fascinatingly interesting Alexandria Love, host of her very own podcast of her very own here on FCCFreeRadio, “Here’s Why That’s Funny” on Sundays from 2-4pm. We don’t know what Alexandria wants to talk about but, just as your parents use to say, “you’re an idiot if you don’t listen.” To Alexandria Love. Your parents were quite the prognosticators. You’d know that if you ever listened to them.

Sara wants to discuss R rated movies,the sexy weather girl snafus, and what were we all like in high school. Put towels on your walls cause your minds will be blown. Doug will vent and discuss his recovery. We’ll discuss the dos and don’ts of hugging, this whole Chewbacca mask weirdness, as well as what it says about you if you think it’s kinda dumb. Plus, of all of the things that define Dan it would seem that, oh screw it, Dan is a fat. Dan is so fat that when fat gains weight fat’s friends call him Dan. He will probably bitch and moan about it to no avail.

The program features humor (hopefully), adult language (definitely), intervals of Dan & Doug loving and/or hating one another, complaining, adult themes, adults discussing TV show theme songs,  and Sara rethinking her decision to be a part of this. Listener discretion advised. But, jeez, we’re not your mom. Live your life.

Two life long friends, Dan & Doug, who can barely stand one another wax moronic about their lives, the world and other pointless endeavors. Doug & Dan almost never agree on anything but one of them is always right. Through their very different lenses they will dissect everything and try to figure out what the hell is going on, as if it matters. There will be lively conversations about many topics (TBA), arguments, tiffs, petty bickering, friendship, special guests, not so special guests, intelligence and stupidity. Plus, pie.  As their fan base grows, so will their power and influence. This will ultimately lead to an enormous fight [hopefully] on air about how to use their new found cache of cultural importance. Doug will want to use it to get more beer; Dan will want to use it to find the absolutely best pair of pants for his body type. Have a listen before things go horribly wrong.

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