Fish Burps: Episode 7: We Pals

CindarellaTonight, on Fish Burps, Doug and Dan come to terms with the fallout from last week’s tension-filled episode. Will they recover? Will their friendship survive? Will Dan apologize for losing his temper to such a degree? Hell, I don’t know…the show hasn’t happened yet. Probably?

Doug and Dan discuss Dan’s Friday adventure at the Laughlin Laugh Fest and whatever the hell Doug did on Friday. Also, religion, politics, MUNI, Dan’s burgeoning infatuation with Longmire, all this silly gun violence, composting, how Dan almost gave himself food poisoning, the day between Saturday and Sunday, Olive Garden, same side sitters, proper etiquette when dealing with rude people, rude people, people who are rude, the 3 dipshits Dan witnessed at the Las Vegas airport, (hint: scarves in 97 degree heat, young blondes, selfies sticks) how likable a person is based on the location of their tattoo, theories that explain the picture to the left, and very sexy cartoon characters.

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