Fish Burps: Episode 9: Nine Nine Nine!


Fire engineOn tonight’s episode of Fish Burps, Doug and Dan are in studio with their very special guest, Jordan Reese, who is a good if not great friend of Dan’s and a world class acquaintance of Doug’s. Jordan is a hell of a guy and will fill the listeners’ ears with good cheer and butterscotch flavored toothpaste.

The gents will discuss their weeks, dogs & cats, and Dan’s sudden realization that almost everyone of his male friends is kind of an asshole. Also, how to find love in a world full of complications and unattainable women who flirt all the time but have absolutely no romantic interest in you at all because you probably missed your chance at romance you stupid idiot and now you have hundreds of platonic female friends who are about as sexually attracted to you as they are to a broken leg in the rain and now it’s just you and your emotional stuntedness trying to figure out how to be a better person but really, who cares because it’s probably too late. And Jordan has some topics, too.

And Dan will try to sneak in some conversation about the new Episode 7 trailer being released tomorrow. But he’s fairly sure that will not be as productive as he wishes.

If you don’t like firetrucks you are probably demented and feast of dead fetuses. In a bad way.





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