Freedom Is Not Free 19 June 2018

GREETINGS RISE UP FAMILY!! I have been out of the building for a couple of weeks and it feels good to me back.  Today marks our only INDEPENDENCE DAY JUNE 19, 1865, The announcement of the abolition of slavery in the last remaining U.S. state of Texas. The very state that CURRENTLY holds families of Latin decent in Walmart stores that have been converted into detention camps. Children are being caged like animals. Families ripped apart. United States routinely practices inhumane acts of genocide and  has brutalized people of color. If we as humans are so desensitized to cruel and oppressive behavior towards other humans.  What does that say about our society as a whole?  If we don’t stand up for each other and fight for the equal rights of all are we really free? We are allowing our current standing president to us fear based tactics to justify such horrible acts towards black and brown communities.  FREEDOM HAS NEVER BEEN FREE.  We have to rise up and take a stand for the rights of all.  PERIOD!!

“Freedom is not something that anybody can be given. Freedom is something people take, and people are as free as they want to be” -James Baldwin

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