GEEKLINE – DunDraCon 39 Wrapup.

geekline.jpgTonight’s episode: Over the holiday weekend The Party attended the DunDraCon 39th convention held in the San Ramon Marriott. It was an awesome time and while it was work promoting the show, we all had a lot of fun too. We will be going over it, especially what we liked most about it, and we will also be talking to our new friend Brandon Raasch via telephone. Brandon will be sure to go over his new game, Dubious Alliance. The Party was sure to get in on this project that was created with an ingenious twist that has to be played to get the full experience. For ANYONE who’s ever wondered what it’s like to attend a gamer’s convention, be sure to check out tonight’s(Tuesday Feb 17, 2015) episode (8PM to 10PM in Studio 1A) for a full review. After the break Nino will be calling in and talking about…?

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