Geekline – Episode 52. Best/worst/greatest/memorable fighting game characters.

geekline.jpgTonight on Geekline…  In Studio 1A, 8 – 10 PM. This will be episode number 52! Where did all that time go? Time to give thanks to all the listeners, guest callers, hosts and everyone else that has made Geekline make it through it’s first full year. We will have the first hour with guest caller Adam Waite, designer /creator of the soon to be hot new cyberpunk type RPG, NEON SANCTUM, that can be seen on, joining in the topic… best/worst/greatest/memorable fighting game characters. And for the second hour, Ms Kae Oz from the podcast Sex Cells of Radio Valencia will be co hosting with Sundance rounding out the episode. Tune in everybody, it’s time to celebrate

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