GEEKLINE – Games!! Best Storylines.

geekline_bannerTonight…. Studio 1A 8-10pm. We love games, they give us pleasure in so many ways, amusement, creativity, …BRAGGING RIGHTS!! …tests of skill or any number of other abilities. But, …with all the games that exist what makes some better than others? Tonight The Party will go over personal favorite games and what makes those games favorites… The STORY lines!! All mediums are open, video games, board games, RPG’s. Gameplay has a huge effect, but the games that are the MOST fun have the best story lines that keep us engaged. The guest callers will be Ryan and Jodi, creators of the upcoming game SOL, who will be certain to put in their perspective as to what makes a game fun and why they have a unique take. Listen in and get a deeper understanding of why games are truly essential to our world.

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