Geekline – Good cop/Bad cop

geekline_bannerTonight on geekline… How about we go to where everyone knows about AND ALWAYS talks about? The Good cop/Bad cop… Yesiree, tonight’s episode is all about the “law character” in all mediums. Whatever you’re watching, reading, game your playing, etc. There is always SOMEONE or something that intends to enforce… “the rules” All mediums are open and we intend to take it EVERYWHERE, not just in science fiction and fantasy. …Let it all hang out. Fitting the theme of tonight’s episode we will have Brian and Clayton from Overworld Games calling in and discussing their incredibly awesome card game aptly titled Good cop/Bad cop. Is that an expansion in the works I’m hearing about? Also look for the parlay from Tin Knocker or Trunkmonkey. After the break Nino will be calling in and throwing in his “most humble” opinion as well.

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