Geekline – Greatest(or worst) game monsters you’ve never heard of with Bruce Heard


TONIGHT on Geekline… We have a BIG one! The legendary Bruce Heard, one of the first framers of the modern day role playing game genre, (namely Dungeons and Dragons, among others) will be calling in and joining us on the topic “Greatest (or worst) D&D monsters you’ve never heard of.” We will be going over all types of game monsters that are rare and or forgotten about. This is going to be AWESOME. We can finally talk to an original Dungeons and Dragons Designer. Bruce will also let us in on his latest project “Calidar” in stranger skies. After the break Nino will be calling in and giving his take. Side note, for all you listeners out there, the Geekline party in it’s entirety will be at DunDraCon, February 13th through February16th at the San Ramon Marriott. If you would like to come out and meet anyone from the party, now’s your chance. We will have a booth in the vendor area, and we will be happy to talk and meet with anyone who shows up to the convention.


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