Geekline – Star Wars/Star Trek, The Party chooses who’s who.

geekline_bannerTonight on Geekline – Finally we are going for it. We all have our favorite characters from the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises, and which of those we wish/think we identify best with. Now we get to say it on air. But of course this is Geekline, that would be TOO easy, The Party will be choosing characters FOR EACH OTHER. This is going to get very interesting as we see how The Party members identify each other. Ms Kae Oz from SexCells of will be guest hosting in studio and just might wind up babysitting The Party as we let it fly. Guest callers tonight will be Alex Jarzebinski and Mike Adams of Battlebards, look them up on and see their ingenious product that ANYbody can have a use for and be prepared for the hijinks!

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