Geekline – Studio 1A. 8 – 10 PM

geekline.jpgGeekline, 8-10pm in Studio 1A.  Tonight, …November 25th. The party will be going where all sci-fi shows have gone before, … the SHIP! Every sci-fi series has one thing in common, and that is they all have some kind(s) of starship(s). No way you’re going to get around outer space without some kind of transportation. Think about the movies or TV shows you’ve seen and somewhere there MUST be SOME kind of ship that truly sticks out to you. We will also have David Crennen, host of the live podcast series never tell me the odds, calling in, and letting us in on how they cast their role playing session of the hit new Star Wars Role Playing Game (RPG). We will also continue with the two new segments, where Tin Knocker goes into his parlay, (nasty or nastier), and Nino will be calling in rounding out the show with the epilogue.

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