Geekline – The Alien invasion 8-10pm Studio 1A

geekline.jpgALIENS! The best part of science fiction. Probably because they CAN be science FACT and we don’t know it… (Supposedly) Now the question is: do aliens get a bad rap more often then they get a good rap? Will they be E.T. or the invaders? …or even from Earth in another plane of existence? Tonight on Geekline we debate what the WORST possible alien(s) from all mediums of science fiction that COULD dominate the Earth and we humans would be. But what about the alien(s) that would be friendly too? Throw in a potential parlay from Tin Knocker or Trunkmonkey and Nino calling in after the break with his take and we got a great show. We will also have Bob Sally the mastermind behind the comic series Salvagers, AND Ruben Romero writer/creator of The Agency from both calling in and not only giving us their take, but to also inform us of their current projects. Tonight, Tuesday 8-10 pm in Studio 1A ONLY on

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