Geekline – Themepark?

geekline.jpgGeekline- a weekly podcast on science fiction/fantasy entertainment exclusively on every Tuesday night in Studio 1A from 8-10pm. Tonight’s episode: your host Sundance and the player characters, Tinknocker, Trunkmonkey, and the DM with no Name will be doing something different. For the first hour we will debate the concept… how would you build your own  theme park? …Come on everybody, …everyone has thought about it somewhere: how would you design your own funhouse/entertainment complex? We will have guest caller Nino to add a different perspective as well. For the second hour your host will be playing music from local San Francisco Bay Area artists, and some comedy tracks from his personal collection. If anyone has any comments or thoughts or even a good joke; PLEASE, feel free to contact the party at OR [email protected]

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