Geekline – triple whammy/ Richard Cranor/ Jimmy Lee Heart/ The Party return


Tonight on Geekline… We have a TIPLE whammy!! For those of you who were patiently (or not so patiently) waiting, the original (mostly) geekline 415 party returns to join host Sundance… AND… we have TWO callers. Richard Cranor, director of several independent movies, the latest of which, Star Leaf, will be released on amazon NEXT Tuesday the 24th, and joining us on the topic….welll… DRUGS! … in movies. This might be amusing… in a irreverent way. AND… a Geekline first… for the second hour Jimmy Lee Coombs, director of Hans Crippleton (Talk to the Hans) will be calling in promoting his movie releasing on dvd TODAY!! as well as joining us on the subject… oh SHIT! …moments in movies.

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