Geekline – Tuesday 8 – 10 pm. Studio 1A …. epic comic book deaths

geekline_bannerGeekline = a Two hour weekly program dedicated to the science fiction/ fantasy realm of entertainment, heard ONLY here on the FCCfreeradio flagship Studio 1A 8 – 10 PM every Tuesday night with your host Sundance and the party Tin knocker, Trunkmoney, DM and Eventeen. Tonight’s episode: we go for the serious side of comic books and talk about the most epic of…character deaths. Yes it’s fantasy but they have some serious elements, …remember this is entertainment! As a bonus… creator and writer of Salvagers Bob Salley and George Acevedo artist of Salvagers will be calling in and discussing their current projects as well as the comic series. After the top of the hour we will go to a new segment, Tin Knocker’s parlay. Where will he go with it? Who knows. Listen in and find out. Finishing out the program tonight, a favorite, Nino, will be calling in and will be discussing comic books with the host in what may become a regular feature of Geekline. Just be there!

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