Godfrey’s Pub Crawl

Monday June 11th- HE’S BAAAACCCKKK and is that good? Producer Kyle killed a six pack and pestered the Regulars with his usual caustic self leaving them to wonder : was he THAT missed? Spec the Tech showed us he DIDN’T screw up the phones! Kristina Barista shared some bitterness (as usual) and The Lone Cajone stirred the pot. Why? Because he’s gifted! And our dear,sweet hostess of the showstess, resident cocktologist, Bartender to the Stars- Meredith, showed her useless knowledge pertaining to all things unimportant! The gang also shared stories of the AMAZING Talent Show that IS- Godfrey’s Reality Check. So shove the kids in another room, turn down the lights, grab a drink and listen to another installment of The PUB CRAWL!

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