Godfrey’s Pub Crawl

Well THAT was a PARTY…and we have the headaches to prove it! Another fun installment from the crowd who brought you toilet humor of an intellectual variety. Listen to our Regulars (Jason, Kristina Barista) the miscreants on the big white vinyl couch ( The Crusher and NYC Alex) not to mention Spec the Deaf and Blind Tech and of course Meredith-Bartender to the Stars Godfrey- Your Hostess of the Showstess and Resident Cocktologist. This week they were as bitter as ever and managed to rip their “producer-HA” Kyle who couldn’t even be bothered to call in- now THAT’S commitment! So tap in to another Podcast of sophomoric humour (spelled the English way to class it up this time) and feel free to mock the Drunken Dialers because as a Crawler- THAT’S JUST WHAT YOU DO!

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