Godfrey’s Pub Crawl

May 7th’s show was The Crawlers MOST informative yet! We learned how Jason:The Lone Cajone got his snappy, new moniker AND we learned how to check for testicular cancer- YOU ARE WELCOME! We learned that Regular Kristina Barista was allowed to handle a firearm on a Camp-out that Meredith Bartender to the Stars was BLATANTLY left out of…(she has still been checking her mailbox for the tardy invitation). Spec was equally disgusted with this TOTAL lack of regard. Producer Kyle was back and though he ripped into Meredith for nearly EVERYTHING , STILL managed to lose his phone in her car during the FREE taxi service she so graciously provides.(She now awaits the free shwag she was promised). Callers (or Drunken Dialers) included Brittany-The OTHER Godfrey, LowRent, The Forgetful Crusher,Marina the Breeder with a REAL child that the gang had NO idea how to deal with, and OF COURSE Deb from CT- The show’s FIRST FAN EVER…and perhaps the tipsiest! Props to our NEW and regular Crawlers- Dennis Cruz creator of Attitude Adjustment Hour(check it out ASAP, it’s HI-LARIOUS!), Cap’t Curt, Miss Stephanie and her Wonder Dogs, Jesamyn Angelica, Ang and Kris, Mr. Stout, Skister, The Floridians,and of course the thousands of others- you know who you are! Hope you had a ball, we did…even The Lone Cajone

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