Godfrey’s Pub Crawl 6/25/12

The Happy Happy Lucky Lucky Happy Family Episode! With a REAL Asian- That’s right, Lowrent, our own Philipino Pub Crawler shares Pride Weekend stories with Bartender to the Stars, Spec and Bouncy while The Low Cajone updated us LIVE from AT&T Ball Park (and taunted Dodger’s Fans) with his tiny yet angry wife.We heard from Columnist Mark Stout, Jamie from the Dirt and our East Coast PR specialist Deb. The gang learned terms such as “Docking” and “Blossom” (No, NOT the Mayim Bialick one) and shared good ol’ fashioned stories of drunken days gone by! But just to add a little bit of class we were blown away by 17 year old Orla Gartland so we played her “Devil on My Shoulder” and we also played “Jerricho” by 2Damn Handsome. See? We’re ECCLECTIC!

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