Godfrey’s Pub Crawl: This Podcast is For All of You Working Stiffs Out There.

Pub Crawl, September 5It’s Labor Day here in America, which means that there will be babies everywhere. Babies here, babies there, babies under that thing near the duvet, babies behind that abandoned yet still somewhat dry couch, babies genetically bred to be in Blue Man Group so they’re silent and creepy in adorable little black turtleneck onesies. Babies, babies, babies! And what do babies do? They cry and wine and complain about babas, num nums, soiled diapers, friendly Uber pool drivers who sort of lie about who exactly is going to get dropped off first but they’re working long hours shuttling American dickholes all around just so they can provide a better life for their families than they had so who are we to bitch? Pub Crawl, that’s who.


Godfrey’s Pub Crawl- part bar, part radio show featuring Meredith “Bartender to the Stars” and everyone’s favorite malcontents, irritable heathens and functional alcoholics. The first half of the show is Sour Hour where we bitch and moan and hopefully figure it all out by Last Call. Just like all the best taverns we’ll be talking with interesting people from all walks of life- and ripping them to pieces when they leave. So bring your thirst for fun, grab a stool, and belly up to your speakers cuz we already set the bar… REAL low.

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