Here’s Why That’s Funny – Yogi Paliwal and Author Joy Elan

TodayHere's Why that's Funny. on Here’s Why That’s Funny, The Doctor sits down with comedian Yogi Paliwal as he promotes his newest comedy album – Yogi Paliwal: A Self Portrait. The two will talk about stand up comedy, current events, and Yogi’s tour across our great country, delivering jokes to all those that will hear (which will be more people than want to hear the Doctor’s jokes).

The second half of the show will be an interview with author and poet Joy Elan – you remember Joy. She’s the one with the books and the poetry and the social justice and all the things that makes the Doctor want to wet herself from excitement. She’s promoting her newest book- Silence is Not Always Golden: The Power of Spoken Word – and she’ll be talking about her 2 nominations for the National Poetry Competition. Joy will also be preforming at the 3rd annual Bay Area Deaf Dance Festival on August 28-30th,  which you can find more about here:


Thank you for making us one of the top shows on the network last month, we really appreciate it (and also, shout out to Edge of Insanity and The Afropunk Monk for being amazing). The Doctor is IN Today at 2 in studio 1a and remember – she cares about you, and she thinks you’re special.



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