In My Feelings 07162018

What Up Family!! We back up in the building with another episode of Rise Up Radio and guess what???  I AM ALL IN MY FEELING TONIGHT!! Real talk this country ain’t ever never ever loved US.  So we gonna air it out!! Rise up Radio is about uplifting and spreading love all day everyday.  Yet we also have to acknowledge the wrongs that are perpetrated against our community and humanity as a whole. Today marks the 4 year anniversary of Eric Garner’s murder by the NYC police department.  Young black men between the ages of 19-34 are 9x’s more likely to be killed by the police.  This is a problem.  Awareness and accountability needs to happen. We will take this one day at time but we will not ever stop working towards making this world a better place for our youth.  So if you believe in love justice and peace tune in and Rise Up with us.  We have some REBEL ROCKIN’ VIBE RISIN’ MUSIC to soothe your soul.  HAPPY KILLER MIKE DAY!!!

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