Jennifer Alves, Brooke Heinichen – Here’s Why That’s Funny

TODAY on HWTFtreemutherfuckinghuggerHere’s Why That’s Funny – It’s the first day of spring, and the living is easy, as long as you try to forget about that overwhelming sense of existential dread. So while you’re frolicking in meadows and trying to plan for your summer body, try not to think about how life’s just one big hamster wheel and that someday you’re going to die, and probably alone. Happy Spring, kids!

Jennifer Alves has been a busy lady – in the next few weeks you can catch her at The Comedy Machine Oakland and Tommy T’s in Pleasanton. Today, you can catch her in The Doctor’s office, AKA, Studio 1a. The Doctor will also be joined by her new friend Brooke Heinichen, a local comedian and all around cool person. You might remember Brooke as one of the top finishers at The Purple Onion’s Comedy Chop. It’s entirely possible that she’s here to kill The Doctor for taking first prize. If so, Brooke, we ask that you commit the murder on air. That’s just good radio.

Download, Like, Share, Retweet, but eventually, get off your computer and go enjoy this beautiful goddamn day – and remember that The Doctor cares about you, and she thinks you’re special. The Doctor is IN today at 2 only on FCC Free Radio.

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