Justin Lockwood, Terry Dorsey & Doug (from Fishburps)- Here’s Why That’s Funny

HereswhynewposterTODAY on Here’s Why That’s Funny on FCC Free Radio – it’s a lovely, windy day in San Francisco, California, the greatest city at least in the tri-city area, not including Oakland. In the past week that we’ve been gone, we missed a few big stories: for example, Facebook has just eliminated the use of humans for their “Trending Topics” section by creating an algorithm to update the data automatically. Spoiler alert: turns out, robots aren’t good at everything. That being said, if Facebook is your only source of news, you’ll be the first one to die when the robots eventually take over. I’ll make sure of it.

Justin Lockwood is one of the fresh-faces of Comedy Day! on September 18th at Sharon Meadow in Golden Gate Park. He’s also one of the co-producers of On The Spot comedy (one of Alex’s favorite alternative showcases) and is super talented in nursing one glass of white wine over the course of two hours. Terry Dorsey is a piece of work too – he’s the host of the Showdown at the Improv, and he’s here to promote the September 9th showcase with Alex, Kaseem Bentley, Paul Brumbaugh, Frankie Marcos, and more! He’s only going to stick around for the first half of the show because he literally CANNOT stand to be around Alex but trust us, you’ll have a good time while he’s here.

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