Kyle Hovland, Dave Zugnoni, Matthew Detar, Faco – Here’s Why That’s Funny

TOHWTF ONEYEARSHOWPOSTERDAY on Here’s Why That’s Funny –  It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. Doctor Love, Phd is in Studio 1a to give you all the attention your unlovable ass desires. Maybe you’re alone, but The Doctor and her friends are here for you.

This afternoon The Doctor will be joined by infamous ladies’ man Kyle Hovland. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ll also be joined by Woodham’s roasting renaissance man Matthew Detar and resident comedy rockstar Dave Zugnoni. We’ll also be joined by Faco, but since he doesn’t have a Facebook, he doesn’t exist.

We’re T-Minus 7 days away from HWTF: The One Year Show. You know the drill – all the dough is going to a great charity called Reading is Fundamental. Kids need books like comedians need stagetime, and Reading is Fundamental is here to make sure that kids grow up strong readers with great self esteem – so that they don’t end up as stand up comedians. The One Year Show is at the Backbar @Sofa in San Jose at 7pm. $5 cover at the door. Here’s Why That’s Funny listeners that call in today get two tickets for the price of one.

The Doctor knows you’re alone today, so why don’t you download, follow, share, retweet, eat a whole chocolate cake by yourself, call your ex’s mother in hysterical tears, and remember that the Doctor cares about you, and she thinks you’re special.

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