LightOne Potcast – s.4. Ep.9. Communication ep.

Lightone Potcast- Season. 4. Ep. 9.

February 26th  – Tonight We here getting it.  The “tribe” goes in as we go around the table talk and go in about communication … With fried of the show Louda and Tula Wave we dive into undocufest at el rio Saturday March 9th at 2 on The Patio. We talk up some stories and communication and music, family,  canny-life, as well as the “LightSome Squad” –  Uneek Radio co-hosts Kueen Uneek and Cali Koo and have some fun with us as we run concurrently. Co-Host Frisco Pink and Co-Host bday boy Xavi aka JackFruitKid always cooking something!!!

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