LightOne Potcast – Who Shot the Sherrif – S. 4. Ep. 6

February 5th – Bob Marley Who Shot The Sheriff Show  

This Inspired show is from the Netflix special by that name which lays out Bob Marleys career and political unrest of Jamaica that ultimately led to him being shot. Someone who unified and brought so many together and shined light on love, deserved so much more during his life. Also we talk our go around the table talk and go high with y’all.  We do our industry check in … we always talk up music, family,  canny-life, as well as the “LightSome Squad” –  Uneek Radio co-host Cali Koo with ya while Kueen Uneek still atl’ing it.  Co-Host Frisco Pink and Co-Host Xavi aka JackFruitKid always cooking something!!!

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LightOne Potcast + Uneek Radio = Turn’t Up Tuesday with the Royal family!!!

Accept Yourself, Love Yourself, Celebrate Yourself……It starts with you!! Respect!!!

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