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This Sunday we will have dirty old women writers…

After cycling through the usual writer’s assortment of odd jobs, including
housepainter, gogo dancer and temp secretary, Lynx Canon settled down to work as a journalist. In her straight life, she writes about business and
technology for publications you’d probably find boring. In her moonlight life, she writes erotica that often mashes up genres. She’s the author of the Alien Captive series on Amazon: Captive of the Alien Man Hive; Captive of the Alien Shapeshifter; and Taken by My Husband’s Monster. She hosts the two-year-old Dirty Old Women reading series at Oakland’s Octopus Literary Salon, and she’s hosting two book launch parties, at the Makeout Room on February 8 and at the Octopus on February 28.
Also on: Resurreccion Cruz is a writer and storyteller, and has collected Mexican folktales for over twenty years.  She is the author of Santora, The Good Daughter, a Latina novel.  She has been published by Penthouse, and has written columns titled The Coconut Chronicles and La Post-Modern Curandera for The New Mission News in San Francisco.  Resurreccion has degrees in literature, art, Women’s Spirituality, and Library and Information Science.  She works as a librarian and lives in Oakland with her partner and their two bad cats.  Resurreccion Cruz is a pseudonym.


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