Living in the Gray Area 04.08.17

TONIGHT is only the second ever broadcast of LIVING IN THE GRAY AREA, with AVA LOUELLE. Last week was a lot of fun and was packed with music from all sorts of genres and decades.  Tonight we try to get our mind and health in order. We have personal trainer CHRIS WELLS coming on to help get us on track. The playlist tonight will help motivate your mind and move your body.  Ava’s  cohost for the evening, will be HUMBLE SELEKTAH of the DUBPLATE SOUNDSYSTEM, which plays live from 6-8 PST EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT, right after LIVING IN THE GRAY AREA, also in Studio 1A.  THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT. ENJOY THE YELLOWBRICK ROAD and LISTEN LIVE in Studio 1A EVERY SATURDAY, 4-6PM PST, exculusively on in San Francisco, California. Follow Ava on FACEBOOK.

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