Living in the Gray Area 06.03.17

Living in the Gray Area 06.03.17

Tonight (Saturday)  from 4-6pm PST Living in the Gray Area is back, broadcasting LIVE out of Studio 1A, exclusively on FCC Free Radio.  DOWNLOAD the TuneIn app, to listen LIVE… Free version works just fine… But that’s your call.

As Ava Louelle has always said… Each show, will be it’s own… As she’s also said… She doesn’t like to call herself an artist… Billy Wing, however… Now He’s an actual artist, in many people’s eyes. Check out his quick sketch of the “Mean-tini”. ( We will talk about the Paint Nights he teaches (, as well as how he keeps such a beautiful lady…  Stephanie, is bound to weigh in, we’re sure!

Don’t worry Luciano Marcolongo… We couldn’t forget you! We’ve got Luciano and Stephanie as Guest Cohosts for the evening! This is going to be too much fun! Lots of great music and laughter… Possibly some bourbon… Who we kidding??? Of course there will be bourbon.

Thank you for following along this Yellow Brick Road

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